who we are

Little Masterpieces is an art appreciation and history program for children. The program allows the children to learn about the history of Art as well as recreating the techniques inspired by famous artists. From learning to draw in pencil, charcoal, pastel, pen & ink, to acrylic painting on canvas and creating great sculptures using clay, wire, plaster and wood. We cover it all in our step by step program. 

Little Masterpieces offer children a unique opportunity to study different artists and remake their work. New masterpieces each week, they'll create a portfolio to be proud of! 

about the founder

Shabana is very much taken with subjects of everyday life, from landscapes and still life to portraits and sculpture. She works with various mediums: acrylic, watercolour, pencil, charcoal and clay. Multiple mediums give great flexibility in subject matter. Shabana loves to analyse the work of the great masters and loves to draw and paint wherever she is.


Shabana is originally from London, where she received a BA in Business Studies, majoring in Economics from the University of West London. But her love and passion for art was always strong. As an admirer of the masters, she became an art history researcher, visiting museums around the world and mirroring the skills of the modern masters as a hobby. As well as painting in the evenings and taking art courses, she also volunteered at schools, teaching art in small groups for many years. In 2013, she wrote the art curriculum for Little Masterpieces, combining her art history knowledge together with art techniques. She is now a full time freelance artist, teaching art to children as an extracurricular across schools in Dubai.

Shabana has created art ever since she was a teenager. Painting, drawing and sculpting has helped her maintain artistic discipline, improve her skills and has brought her great happiness.