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At Little Masterpieces we support and guide your children to create the greatest masterpieces. Not only do they develop their creative skills but they also learn the history behind the artists.


Our step by step program is easy to follow and allows children to recreate masterpieces with their own original twist. We believe every child has their own artistic flair and we want to harness this. We offer a curriculum that covers a range of different skills and artists. Some of the great masters we study include Van Gogh, Matisse, Da Vinci, Kandinsky and Dali.                                             

We encourage the children to use a range of medium; from learning to draw in pencil and charcoal to acrylic painting on canvas and creating great sculptures using clay, wire, plaster and wood.

Come and join us for an art-packed day!


Aadam Warsi

Throughout my experience of Little Masterpieces, I have immensely enjoyed learning about the history of the artists. Mrs Rizvi made the lessons so interesting and explained about the artists in so much detail. I will continue to attend her lessons because the masterpieces that we produce are so invigorating due to the fact that she explains everything so well. I also really enjoying learning the different ways to paint and use the different art materials to create the art pieces.

Sue Craine

My 8 year old son attended the Little Masterpieces Summer Camp and loved it!  He really enjoyed creating lots of different pieces of work using a variety of materials as well as learning about various different artists. Shabana is an excellent teacher who really inspires and encourages the children to show their creative sides!

Megha Kapur

Little Masterpieces has been a wonderful experience for my art loving 6 year old daughter. She has learned not only how to create art prices using different mediums but also learned a great deal about various artists, the era they belonged to, what influenced them and their famous art pieces. Shabana is wonderfully patient and encouraging with the little ones and my daughter really looks forward to coming back each term.

Sahira Khan

My son has thoroughly enjoyed the Little Masterpieces art camps. He has not only gained a wide knowledge in the variety of painting, sculpting, models, art techniques and tools used, but also an understanding of the varied cultures, genres in art, the artists and the historical backgrounds they come from. It has been so lovely to be able to display Aadam's art work around the house as each piece has been so varied and unique with the variety of colours and art materials and skills he has been exposed too.

Daisy Smedley

I really enjoyed learning about the history of the art and artist, such as where they lived and what inspired them as well as creating their masterpieces in my own style. Shabana goes through the art process in a simple and fun way which helped me understand what strokes to use.

Lorey Fenton

My boys, Sebastian (8) and Joshua (6) absolutely loved the Little Masterpieces Art Appreciation program, and could not wait to go back every day. I was initially a bit apprehensive sending them to an art workshop, as they are more into sports and the outdoors, but they definitely discovered their passion for art and creating various art forms using different materials and textures. I also love that they got an added lesson on the history of each artist that was featured.